The "Soap Bubble Show" for Weddings, Birthdays etc.

Chidrens Birthdays with massive magical bubbles

In this performance, I demonstrate bubble blowing and explain how the instruments work, then I lay out bubble makibng sets for the children and they can try for themselves, in the process they learn how to produce different bubbles with different sets and simply have a lot of fun.

The Birthday boy or girl is then given a free bubble making kit (designed relative to their age), and consequently taught how to play it.

The finale of this event is when I pull out my famous 'Thousand Bubbler' and produce a hail of beautiful bubbles accross the childrens heads, and this sends them wild!

This performance costs 75 euros, plus transport costs of 10 euros in Berlin, and 50 cent per km outside of Berlin.

The 'Big Bubble Show'

The Big Bubble show lasts for 2 hours and can accommodate up to 150 children, where each child is given an opportunity to create their own bubbles.  Also included is a demonstration show, with an extravagant finale.

The cost for this show is 150 euros, plus transport costs  of 10 euros in Berlin, and 50 cents per km outside of Berlin.

Wedding Bubbles

For wedding without rice of confetti, I offer an alternative way to celebrate the magic of the big day.  Many modern churches and halls do not allow confetti or rice to be thrown, however bubbles are usually welcome, also having a thousand bubbles floating gently around the wedding party creates a special kind of magic to an already very special day.  It also makes for memorable and fun filled photographs

The cost for this service is 40 euros, plus transport costs.

Soap Bubble Workshops for Adults

For anyone working with children, for example Teachers, Kindergarten staff, or even groups of Parents, I offer a tailored workshop service.  Soap Bubbles can be educational tools, or simply used to pacify, inspire, exhillirate or generate general interests in children.  They can learn how different bubbles are produced, the effect of wind and even observe the rainbow effect of light as it shimmers on each bubble. 

I teach four sets of instruments, and also offer bubble making sets for sale for those of you who wish to get started quickly.

These workshops last for 2 days (4 hours per day) and  Germany for a minimum  of 8 people.

The cost is 80 euros per person.

Soap Bubble Performance as a Showpiece

I offer professional performances to frame art events, individual stage shows, for theatre performances, film, and private bookings.

For price, please contact me me with individual requests.

Book a soap bubble product stand at your event / market

I have a fully set up tent (3 x 3 metres) and self produced high quality bubble kits for sale, including full kits, and various individual instruments.  I also perform to the public to demonstrate the kits in action and to generate interest, of course this also improves the atmosphere and ambiance for other sellers, and the event in general.  For this, i require no electrical power, not water.